Markets We Serve

Markets We Serve

Young at Heart Pharmacy provides services to a variety of institutional customers in the long-term care and physician office settings.


Learn How We Can Help

Learn How We Can Help

Contact us to find out how we can provide your facility with perfect orders and world-class customer service.


How We Are Different

How We Are Different

We have listened to our customers and we believe that excellence in institutional pharmacy is comprised of perfect orders, excellent customer service, fast communication, and problem solving expertise.


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Young at Heart Pharmacy is a long term care pharmacy.  We specialize in business to business customers such as 1. skilled nursing facilities (SNF), 2. Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) facilities including group homes, supported living, and independent living sites, 3. Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), and 4. Workplace Clinics.

Our core competency and company focus is in operational excellence and continuous improvement.  We built the company from the ground-up using the principles of Six Sigma, Lean Production, and ISO-9000.  We believe our emphasis on operations allows us to provide a pharmacy service to our customers that not only operates at a very high level, but also allows us to grow and adapt to the changing needs of long term care facilities and workplace clinics. 

We spend a considerable amount of time listening to our customers and applying continuous improvement techniques to always strive to develop our services to our customers.  Our customers have communicated four aspects of pharmacy that are “critical to quality” elements of theirs.  They include:

  1.    Accurate orders
  2.   World class communication
  3.   Transparent billing
  4.   A partnership orientation

An accurate order includes the right drug, the right dose, in the right quantity, delivered on time, with the right information (like doctor’s name and directions).  As a customer, you must have the utmost confidence in your pharmacy.

World class communication means getting in touch with the pharmacy when you need to, and getting answers, quickly.  We have developed many ways for the customer to communicate with the pharmacy and get results.  We have a call center with knowledgeable empowered team members.  We have a nursing staff that can address clinical questions.  And we have world class pharmacists that can consult with facility nurses and their doctors.  Because we are paperless, we can access an archive of documents at a touch of a button.  We are accessible 24/7/365.  

Our customers have also indicated that billing services are very important to them.  From invoices that are transparent and understandable to trainers and billing technicians who can patiently walk through a bill with facility staff, to collaborative quality checks of delivery manifests, Young at Heart Pharmacy has developed billing services to meet the needs of our customers.

Finally, our customers have told us that a long term partnership orientation is important to them.  We have conducted joint rapid improvement process events (or Kaizan events) with our customers to solve problems.  With dedicated Lean Sigma trained quality team members, as well as dedicated technical writers, to capture and iterate on business processes, Young at Heart Pharmacy works with our customers to continuously improve our service.  Several of our best features have resulted from suggestions from customers that we have jointly developed into solutions.  Our pharmacists will work with facility staff members to exceed your expectations for a world class pharmacy.